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BOEN how to face competition
2010-09-08 17:18:33

First, we have some principled position. First: give immediate, all for the sake of customer benefits, even bring some results, recognized by customers is our forward momentum. The second: treat all customers in good faith, do not cheat, do not play games. No. 3: Stick in the end. We will always follow the three principles to do their job. If there are many competitors of similar products to compete, and we do not take him as an "enemy", but as a mirror of their own at any time warning myself better. We are mature products, and improving day by day that we have to start from scratch is not easy. Our company has always been a technology-based companies, the number of customer service and financial staff in addition to the existing R & D and network marketing and technical personnel 30 people. Whatever we are doing their own thing, and it is the very basic thing is the future of SMEs must use the product.

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