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Product Description

Sapphire/Ruby windows are applied as circuit substrates, epitaxial substrates ,substrates, oiented substrates to GaN,GaAs. And other, Sapphire possesses nice light transmission in 0.20 ~ 5.50μm wave band, and the infrared ray transmission is hardly influenced by temperature, so the optical components made of sapphire are fully applied to military infrared equipment, observation window for high temperature furnaces, windows for counters, etc.

These sapphire substrates & windows contain four types:sapphire windows, Elliptic windows, etc.

Main Types Specification Diameter(mm): Φ0.40 ~ Φ101.16

Max deviation of diameter: 0.003~0.10

Thickness(mm): 0.05~50.80

Max deviation of diameter: +/-0.01

Technical Index

Surface roughness: Rz0.05

Axis Direction: C-Axis Deviation≤3°

Surface quality: S/D 10/5; S/D 20/10; S/D 40/20;S/D 60/40; S/D 80/50

Infrared ray Transmission: when 633nm > 85%

Flatness: λ/2:633nm

Center Deviation: 0.01mm

Orientation: C, A, R


Material Synthetic sapphire/ruby single crystal α-Al2O3 (α-Al2O3≥99.99%), natural agate, crystallite glass and ceramic, BK glass ,other ultrahard materials ,etc. Order Please feel free to contact us if you have any requirements of other ultrahard materials or specification.

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