jewel bearing

Product Description

Hole Jewel contains a series of components that are chiefly applied as supporting bearings to the rotational systems of various accurate chronographs, auto-memorizing apparatus, precise instruments (micrometer, dial indicator) and other apparatus. Main types: Plane straight/olive holed bearing, single-cup plane straight/olive holed bearing, double-cups plane straight/olive holed bearing, raised olive holed bearing, and single-cup raised olive holed bearing, etc

Main Types

Specification and Technical Index




Outside Diameter


Inner diameter

Radian of Inner hole

Cup/ Raised curvature radius


Φ0.80 ~ Φ30.00

0.10 ~ 115.00

Φ0.05 ~ Φ20.00



Max deviation

0.004 ~ 0.05


0.004 ~ 0.06



Surface roughness: the surface for application: Rz0.05~ Rz0.2    Assemble and sink surfaces: Rz3.2




Synthetic sapphire/ruby single crystal α-Al2O3, natural agate, spinel , ceramic, etc.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any requirements of other ultrahard materials or specification.

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