rod jewels

Product Description

Rods jewels are made of sapphire/ruby ,they are widely applied to medicine, accurate machine, accurate measure and inspection and laser technology. They also contribute a lot in the anticorrosion, wearable and high heat conduction environments.

Main types:sapphire/ruby rods jewels,single round end rods jewels,double round end rods jewels,jewel rotor laterl pin,etc.

Main Types Specification and Technical Index rods jewels

Outside Diameter:

Max deviation Φ0.40 ~ 30.0/0.004 ~ 0.05

Height: 2.00 ~ 250.00/0.03 ~ 0.25

Edge: Chamfer/Radius

Surface roughness:

the surface for application: Rz0.05~ Rz0.2

Material Synthetic sapphire/ruby single crystal α-Al2O3, zirconia ceramic, alumina ceramic, SiC, Si3N4 and optical glass.


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