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  • Sapphire/Ruby Orifices
  • ceramic component

Product Description

Assemblies Jewels contains a series of products: cup jewel, flat-end surface bearing, flat surface straight holed bearing, flat surface olive holed ring, single cup straight holed ring, single cup olive holed ring, double cups straight holed ring, double cups olive holed ring, etc. These components are embedded with stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, and red copper, etc.  assemblies Jewels are intensively used as movable and supporting parts on accurate measuring instrument and military apparatus.

Nozzle Jewels are made of sapphire/ruby and embedded with brass, red copper, stainless steel and alloy. They are chiefly applied to accurate measuring instrument, machinery, high-pressure water, liquid cutting, medicine and various auto-memorizing apparatuses

Main Types

Specification and Technical Index


Jewel  nozzles


Outside Diameter


Inner diameter



0.60 ~ 20.00

0.40 ~ 15.0

0.08 ~ 12.00

0.10 ~ 10.0


Max deviation

0.006 ~ 0.03

0.02 ~ 0.10

0.004 ~ 0.10

0.02 ~ 0.08



Surface roughness: the surface for application: Rz0.05~ Rz0.2



Main Types



Material: Synthetic sapphire/ruby single crystal α-Al2O3
      Wrap Material: Brass, red copper, aluminum alloy and stainless steel, etc


    Produce according to specific requirements and drawings, and also can design products for customers.

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